What is water proofing for commercial buildings?

We offer commercial waterproofing for numerous surfaces, including brick, stone masonry, concrete, membrane, and bentonite. We offer commercial waterproofing for decks, patios, and roofs.

Most commercial and industrial buildings throughout Portland have flat or metal roofs. The Portland metro areas see over 150 days of rainy weather every year!

Waterproofing is essential to the longevity of commercial roofing. The roof of your facility is highly vulnerable to water damage. If your roof develops holes or cracks, this will not only form interior leaks but will cause rust and corrosion over time that can weaken the structural integrity of the building.

Benefits for Water proofing

  • Waterproofing helps preserves structural integrity. Sitting water can cause materials to rot and foundations to weaken. Tackling this early on when the issue is noticed and working with a waterproofing contractor.
  • Waterproofing increases energy efficiency. By maintaining water prevention, you can deny water from entering the building, preventing temperature changes that make HVAC systems work harder to compensate.
  • Waterproofing will help you comply with existing building codes. Because of the damage water can do, preventing future issues will help you inadvertently comply with building codes.
  • Waterproofing helps prevent any further water from entry. In order to stop leaks before they happen, it’s important to seal every possible way that water can enter — roofs, walls, and decks. By keeping up with water prevention, you will endure less of a headache later.

Single Ply & Asphalt Roofs:

• Creates a seamless. weathertight barrier.
• Stays pliable and weathertight in all climates.
• Withstands ponding water.
• Resists fungi and algae growth.
• Reflects away heat and harmful U V radiation.
• Surpasses R19 heat gain testing.
• Saves big temperature control and cooling costs.
• Greatly reduces wind damage risk.
• Improves appearance.
• Eliminates roof replacement expenses.

Metal Roofs:

• Creates a seamless, weathertight barrier.
• Eliminates rust and corrosion.
• Reflects away heat and harmful UN radiation.
• Surpasses R19 heat gain testing.
• saves big temperature control and cooling costs.
• Greatly reduces thermal shock damage.
• Improves appearance.
• Eliminates roof replacement expenses.

Advancements in pigmentation have made it possible for correctly applied roof coatings to better reflect the heat from the sun, both in terms of UV rays and infrared. Hot days in warm climates can see roof temperatures rising to well above 100 degrees. When that happens, it heats the inside of the building as well, raising the cooling costs. A properly applied reflective roof coating can lower the rooftop temperature significantly, reducing the cooling costs and environmental impact of running air conditioners.

we understand the needs and challenges associated with commercial and industrial painting projects. We’ll work with you to design a painting solution that meets the needs of your facility, working around your schedule so your business flow is not interrupted.

Waterproofing can happen at various stages of your building’s development, whether it be during construction, soon after completion, during retrofit, during renovations, or during regular maintenance. It can also happen on an as-needed basis, for example when damages occur during emergency situations such as fire and flood.

What is water proofing for Residential owners?

Residential Waterproofing

Our patio and deck waterproofing experts offer a variety of treatments and options. Our deck and patio waterproofing services are flexible and can be customized to meet your needs. We’ll help you make the best choice for your deck, or patio!

Water proofing can protect from multiple factors including moisture, general climate, and future cracks while sealing up tight issues you may currently have. For example, if your deck, patio has developed problem areas where moisture is seeping through, we can fill them in by covering them in the coating. This coating then stays strong as a reliable layer to both keep your old cracks completely closed and to stop new damage from being able to form. This is particularly important in colder weather, when water can do extra harm as it constantly goes through a freezing and thawing cycle. If you are protecting a building to keep it dry, you obviously do not want this process to interrupt your normal duties – leaks and/or water damage aren’t just irritating, they can cause a considerable amount of damage.

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