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Commercial Roof Materials

Commercial Roof Materials

If you are about to build a new commercial building or replace the roof on an existing business, the choice of commercial roof materials can be a bit overwhelming.  Here is summary of the most common commercial roof materials and systems to consider.

Thermoplastic Commercial Roof Materials

Thermoplastic commercial roofs are generally made from one of two types of materials: TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) and PVC (poly vinyl chloride).  They are lightweight roofing systems that include a highly reflective membrane.  As a result the materials used to produce a thermoplastic commercial roof provide excellent weathering and  are highly resistant to ultraviolet light, tears, punctures, and most chemicals. Thermoplastic roofs have typical lifespans of more than 20 years.

EPDM Commercial Roof Materials

EPDM commercial roofs are made  from Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer, one of the most sustainable and environmentally sound roofing materials available. EPDM is a single-ply rubber roofing material that is resistant to ozone, ultraviolet light, weathering, and abrasion damage.  It is considered an excellent roofing material for commercial applications due to us tolerance to extreme weather conditions like high winds and hail.

Modified Bitumem Commercial Roof Materials

Modified Bitumen commercial roofing systems are made from a wide range of materials.  This commercial roofing system is made from an asphalt base that is reinforced with wither polyester or fiberglass. These materials make modified bitumen roofs excellent for commercial applications that require resistance to foot traffic, punctures and tears.  Modified bitumen commercial roofs are a blend of old and new roofing technologies and use two different materials, APP (Atactic Polypropylene polymer) and SBS (Styrene Butadiene Styrene), to give the membrane elasticity and temperature resistance.

Built-Up Commercial Roof Materials

Built up commercial roofs are made of multiple layers of felt, fabric, or mat materials that are laminated together with either asphalt or coal tar pitch.  The commercial roof is finished with a layer of gravel, a material that provides a weather resistant coating. The result is a commercial roof that is made of materials that when combined are highly resistant to punctures and harsh weather conditions.

Metal Commercial Roof Materials

Metal commercial roofs are comprised of metallic roofing materials, such as R-panels, or corrugated metal panels, are mechanically fastened together.  The materials used for commercial roofs provide architects and business owners with a vast array of choices from the type of metal used to color options.  Commercial metal roofs are made with materials that are prized for their strength, durability and fire resistance.  Due to their longevity, they are often the top choice for sustainable building projects.

Commercial Photovoltaic Solar Roof Materials

The popularity of commercial photovoltaic roofs are continuing to rise as material costs for photovoltaic systems become more affordable.  Many business owners turn to commercial photovoltaic roofs as a means to save energy costs and take advantage of the public relations benefits associated with sustainable building trends.

Commercial Green Roof Materials

Commercial green roofs have become increasingly popular in recent years and are produced with a range of materials that include vegetation and soil planted over a waterproof membrane.  Commercial green roof materials reduce the urban heat island effect by soaking up heat from the environment and dramatically improving the insulation value of a roof, which reduces the heating and cooling costs of the commercial building.

Do you need help determining which commercial roofing material is best for your business?  Contact Forest Roofing today for a free consultation about the commercial roof materials that best fit your needs and to obtain a quote for your commercial roofing project!


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They did an excellent job. The team started early in the morning and were working until dusk to complete their work. The owner of the company and his team are very friendly and hard workers. I would definitely recommend them to you.

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Always polite, professional and extremely knowledgeable! We had an emergency situation and Fernando did not hesitate to get started helping us. He even drove from Gresham to Beaverton in the snow/ice storm just to make his first appointment. There aren't enough words to express the gratitude my husband and I have Fernando and his crew.

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He came quickly within a few days of my call. He was honest about what needed to be done and how we could plan for contingencies. He gave me a solid easy to understand estimate. He took care of getting me on the schedule within a month (other companies were months out). He is a contractor as well as a roofer and believe me that could save you tons of $$ as houses hide damage that you can't see until the roof is off and you want the same crew who is already there to be able to keep on working rather than having to stop and start again finding a licensed contractor. He was great about not hiding costs and what he quoted was what i paid. He brought a trailer and was pretty good about cleanup. He went over my property with a magnet rake and there was minimal mess left over when he was done. Fernando was great! Personable, flexible easy to talk to and not talking down to me or trying to sell me crap I didn't need. I am proud to recommend Forest Roofing. If you are worried about your roof there is no one better to provide class A service.

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Excellent. Crew was on time and very efficient. They were always very courteous and went out of their way to accommodate. Fernando was always very professional and did what he said he was going to do.

Craig Allen

Fernando is a delight to work with. He he thorough and explained to us all the problem areas on our roof. One of the many things we appreciate about Fernando is that he took pictures of problem areas on the roof so we could see for ourselves that the tiles were degrading, we had a small hole in the roof, missing tiles, etc. He also noticed our neighbor's tree was splitting from the top down and I was able to show her the picture warning her of a disaster about to fall on her house (it fell the following day through her roof). Fernando truly cares about his customers and makes sure they receive the best quality work at a fair price. I cannot say enough good things about this man. He has integrity, he's an honest man, and he has been a true blessing to us.

Jane Waldrip


Overall it was a great experience. Fernando was always on time, polite, professional and knowledgeable. Our situation was considered an emergency and he did not hesitate to get to work quickly to make sure we were dry, and safe. We are beyond grateful for what Fernando and his crew at Forest Roofing did for our family!

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Forest Roofing team was very professional and guided us step-by-step from day one. The project took about three days as they had mentioned from the time of the estimates.

On the first day, they took out the old roof and tape the water resistant material to the woods to ensure protection of the existing base. They also had all supplies and materials ready and did daily clean up of hazardous materials. On the second day, Forest Roofing team began installing the new roof and checked old vents on top of my house. Finally on the third day, the team finished the second part of the roof and replaced old vents with new ones. At the end, I was able to inspect the project with the team manager for feedback and/or recommendations. The roof installation was pristine and fit to meet the highest roofing standards in the state. There were no over costs or any missing items/details. Everything went according to plan from the beginning and now I have the most amazing roof in the neighborhood!

I also look forward to call them in 30 years for a new one.

Erik Flores

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