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Commercial Single Ply Roofing

Single Ply roofing is different from built up roofing because it is designed to be installed in one layer. Single ply roofs provide considerable flexibility and resistance to UV radiation. They normally have a black or white finish that is glued directly over roof insulation material.


Types of Single Ply Roofing Membranes

The types of membranes used in single ply roofing are categorized into two groups: thermosets and thermoplasics.

Thermoset membranes are made from synthetic rubber polymers like Noprene. They are ideal for large single ply roof areas because their manufactured size allows the installer to reduce the number of seems. Many thermoset membranes also include a carbon black or titanium dioxide additive that increases the UV protection of the single ply roof.

Thermoplastic single ply membranes are commonly made of PVC or TPO, which are plastic-based matrials. They cab be hot-air welded together and are often manufactured with a polyester or fiber glass reinforcement layer that increases the strength and stabiility of the single ply roof.


Single Ply Roofing Installation Methods

Single ply roofing can be installed using several different methods. The most commonly preferred method is a ballasted installation, which is used when the single ply roof design can hold the additional load of gravel or other material that covers this type of single ply roofing application. However, ballasted roofs do not work well for roofs that have a substantial slope.

Alternatively, steel or wood roofs are often ideal for mechanically fastened single ply roof membranes, as they can be used on all types of slopes. Steel and wood roofs are also the preferred option in locations that are prone to hurricanes or similar harsh weather.

Finally, an adhesive single ply roof provides another option, and involves attaching the single ply memberane with the manufacturer's recommended adhesive. The types of adhesives used for this single ply roof vary from asphalt to solve-based and water-based adhesives. Adhesive single ply roofs provide a smooth finish surface that can be colored to suit the needs of the project.


Pros and Cons of Single Ply Roofing

Single ply roofing comes with many benefits, including:

  • Resistance to acid rain conditions
  • Performs well under dramatic weather conditions
  • A variety of grades of protection are available depending on need and project budget.
  • Single ply roofs are generally light weight
  • Excellent reflective properties
  • Easy installation

The down sides of single ply roofing including:

  • Thin single ply surfaces are more easily punctured
  • Relatively short lifespan
  • Seems can become compromised
  • Can be susceptible to water retention problems.



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Always polite, professional and extremely knowledgeable! We had an emergency situation and Fernando did not hesitate to get started helping us. He even drove from Gresham to Beaverton in the snow/ice storm just to make his first appointment. There aren't enough words to express the gratitude my husband and I have Fernando and his crew.

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He came quickly within a few days of my call. He was honest about what needed to be done and how we could plan for contingencies. He gave me a solid easy to understand estimate. He took care of getting me on the schedule within a month (other companies were months out). He is a contractor as well as a roofer and believe me that could save you tons of $$ as houses hide damage that you can't see until the roof is off and you want the same crew who is already there to be able to keep on working rather than having to stop and start again finding a licensed contractor. He was great about not hiding costs and what he quoted was what i paid. He brought a trailer and was pretty good about cleanup. He went over my property with a magnet rake and there was minimal mess left over when he was done. Fernando was great! Personable, flexible easy to talk to and not talking down to me or trying to sell me crap I didn't need. I am proud to recommend Forest Roofing. If you are worried about your roof there is no one better to provide class A service.

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Excellent. Crew was on time and very efficient. They were always very courteous and went out of their way to accommodate. Fernando was always very professional and did what he said he was going to do.

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Fernando is a delight to work with. He he thorough and explained to us all the problem areas on our roof. One of the many things we appreciate about Fernando is that he took pictures of problem areas on the roof so we could see for ourselves that the tiles were degrading, we had a small hole in the roof, missing tiles, etc. He also noticed our neighbor's tree was splitting from the top down and I was able to show her the picture warning her of a disaster about to fall on her house (it fell the following day through her roof). Fernando truly cares about his customers and makes sure they receive the best quality work at a fair price. I cannot say enough good things about this man. He has integrity, he's an honest man, and he has been a true blessing to us.

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Overall it was a great experience. Fernando was always on time, polite, professional and knowledgeable. Our situation was considered an emergency and he did not hesitate to get to work quickly to make sure we were dry, and safe. We are beyond grateful for what Fernando and his crew at Forest Roofing did for our family!

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Forest Roofing team was very professional and guided us step-by-step from day one. The project took about three days as they had mentioned from the time of the estimates.

On the first day, they took out the old roof and tape the water resistant material to the woods to ensure protection of the existing base. They also had all supplies and materials ready and did daily clean up of hazardous materials. On the second day, Forest Roofing team began installing the new roof and checked old vents on top of my house. Finally on the third day, the team finished the second part of the roof and replaced old vents with new ones. At the end, I was able to inspect the project with the team manager for feedback and/or recommendations. The roof installation was pristine and fit to meet the highest roofing standards in the state. There were no over costs or any missing items/details. Everything went according to plan from the beginning and now I have the most amazing roof in the neighborhood!

I also look forward to call them in 30 years for a new one.

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